Use case:

Bonsai Cultivation

Revolutionize agriculture

Provenance tags, often equipped with Active Tags technology, play a significant role in securing the traceability of a product from origin to end consumer. These smart devices are embedded into or attached to products, capturing, storing, and transmitting vital information about the product throughout its lifecycle

These tags can monitor environmental conditions like temperature and humidity, track location, and even record care details like watering or pruning schedules in the case of bonsai trees. The accumulated data offers crucial insights into the product's history and current condition, enhancing product understanding, optimizing care routines, and ensuring authenticity.

Benefits for bonsai owners:

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Digital tags are seamlessly integrated into tree roots or attached to a pot without affecting the tree's growth
The tags monitor and record the tree's essential environmental data, such as GPS location, temperature, and humidity levels
Owners can easily access care details, including watering and pruning schedules, fertilizer applications, pest or disease encounters, and more
A waterproof design and extended battery life ensure operations for up to 10 years, even in harsh environmental conditions
With geofencing capabilities, alert notifications give a heads-up whenever temperature or humidity levels surpass predefined thresholds
Health, longevity & care routines

Enhance the health and longevity of bonsai trees with customized and optimized care routines

Expand possibilities

Revitalize the traditional art of bonsai cultivation, preserving its essence while expanding its possibilities and reach

Bonsai´s community

Foster a greater sense of community among bonsai tree enthusiasts by promoting shared ownership, enabling collective care and appreciation of the trees

Inspect the packaging for damage, tampering, or contamination.
Elevate your product tracking
The good received process with Provencance Tags:
Step 1
Inspect the packaging for damage, tampering, or contamination.
Step 2
Use Provenance Tags and a mobile QMS to scan products and select representative samples for testing.
Step 3
Verify authentication and traceability using Provenance Tags and Concordium Blockchain.
Step 4
Leverage the Concordium Blockchain to record test results and quality parameters. The data is securely stored and can be accessed in real-time, ensuring its integrity and transparency.
Step 5
Record test results and Provenance Tag data in the QMS, ensuring compliance documentation and prompt corrective actions.
Step 6
Update inventory levels in the QMS for proper stock management.
Pharmaceutical qualitymanagement

Revolutionary approach simplifiesand enhances pharmaceutical qualitymanagement

Medication safety and quality

Instant authentication and traceabilityensures medication safety and quality

Enables access

Enables access for smaller hospitals,practitioners, and doctors in lessdeveloped regions with just a smartphone

Promotes continualimprovement

Securely stores data, facilitatesregulatory audits, and promotes continualimprovement

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