Use case:

Wood Art & Products

Revolutionize wood

Consider a finely crafted wooden chair, exuding both impeccable craftsmanship and the values of sustainable wood sourcing. To assure its authenticity and origin, the manufacturer opts for the advanced "Glass Tag NFC."

The Glass Tag NFC stands out in the realm of product tagging. Designed for a multitude of applications ranging from retail, apparel, toys, gaming, merchandising, to even animal identification, it embodies versatility. Its unique design is a blend of commendable durability and a sleek, tubular form. This specific design allows for novel embedding techniques into physical objects, making it ideal for a wide variety of products. Its design supports reliable incorporation into different industrial or consumer items, be it through injection molding with plastics or positioning within pre-drilled holes.

Benefits for manufacturers:

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The sleek, tube-like design makes it easy to seamlessly fit tags into pre-drilled holes
The tags can store a wide range of information, from the type of wood used and manufacturing date to any treatments it has undergone
A simple smartphone check using a manufacturer-approved app provides customers with a comprehensive product overview
Data is fortified with the highest encryption standards, ensuring protection against tampering, copying, or unauthorized access
The tags are engineered to withstand potential security breaches or counterfeiting attempts
Visibilize step production

Enhance supply chain visibility and ensure consistent quality by monitoring each step of production

Trust & Transparency

Foster trust and transparency by providing customers with verifiable product information

Circular economy

Support circular economy by facilitating proper refurbishing, recycling, or disposal

Inspect the packaging for damage, tampering, or contamination.
Elevate your product tracking
The good received process with Provencance Tags:
Step 1
Inspect the packaging for damage, tampering, or contamination.
Step 2
Use Provenance Tags and a mobile QMS to scan products and select representative samples for testing.
Step 3
Verify authentication and traceability using Provenance Tags and Concordium Blockchain.
Step 4
Leverage the Concordium Blockchain to record test results and quality parameters. The data is securely stored and can be accessed in real-time, ensuring its integrity and transparency.
Step 5
Record test results and Provenance Tag data in the QMS, ensuring compliance documentation and prompt corrective actions.
Step 6
Update inventory levels in the QMS for proper stock management.
Pharmaceutical qualitymanagement

Revolutionary approach simplifiesand enhances pharmaceutical qualitymanagement

Medication safety and quality

Instant authentication and traceabilityensures medication safety and quality

Enables access

Enables access for smaller hospitals,practitioners, and doctors in lessdeveloped regions with just a smartphone

Promotes continualimprovement

Securely stores data, facilitatesregulatory audits, and promotes continualimprovement

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Niels Soerensen, the Founder of Provenance Tags, is a seasoned IT management and development professional with an extensive career spanning over 25 years.

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